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Lawyer demands Independent Inquiry following 5 cyclist deaths in London over 9 days

Lawyer Jill Greenfield is demanding that there be an Independent Inquiry as to the reason for so many cycle related deaths on London's roads. She represents a number of victims of such accidents who have suffered head injuries, lost lives and lost limbs and says: 
" The time to act is now. I have represented cycle victims over many years; the situation is not getting any better, it is getting very much worse. It is no surprise that with a lack of the most basic infrastructure on London streets that as the darker nights draw in the death toll is climbing. I am writing today to Boris Johnson's office demanding an Independent Review on behalf of so many of my clients who have suffered life altering injuries" 
"It is of note that so many HGV vehicles in London still do not comply with the necessary safety recommendations that are known to be crucial in the fight against such deaths. I have clients where the injury was caused because the vehicle did not have the correct mirrors or even if they did the were not used properly. But putting cyclists so close in proximity to HGV's and buses is surely the most basic flaw of all."

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