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Countdown to the Neurolegal conference 2014 – one week to go!

The Neurolegal Conference, Rebuilding Lives Through Litigation, takes place next Friday on the 11th July at the St Pancras Renaisssance Hotel in London, and as it does we continue our countdown to the conference with a profile on another of the speakers at this event, Tom Wethers. Thomas M Wethers is Partner of Wyvern Partnership -Devizes and also Director of Wyvern Architects – Devizes Ltd. Tom has a background in the design of a range of ecclesiastical, residential and disability accommodation and in the preparation of tender documents including Specifications, drawings, tender reporting, project management and cost control. In addition to the above Tom is an Expert Witness for the High Court on the accommodation needs of seriously disabled people who are seeking compensation for their injuries; the needs to be considered ranging from minor injuries through to amputees. He undertakes work for both Claimants and Defendants and acts as a Single Joint Expert throughout the UK, Europe and internationally preparing approximately 350 reports per year.

Tom's talk focuses on having the right property as part of a rehabilitation scheme. He will lead us through the necessary steps and how both the solicitor and case manager can work with the client to make sure that the right property is purchased and the right adaption’s carried out. He also looks at assessing properties, quantifying adaptations and space and making it work.

The Neurolegal Conference will examine the way litigation interplays with the actual rehabilitation needs on a day to day basis and the benefit that it can bring to victims of serious personal injury – making sure mistakes are not made by those putting rehabilitation packages in place and dealing with the issues that can arise in the court room at trial.