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Vital financial support for young barrister hit head on by overtaking driver

Pretty much a year to the day of being instructed, Jennifer Buchanan has secured a substantial seven figure settlement for a young woman barrister hit head on by a car driving on the wrong side of the road five years' ago. The client came to Jennifer after the previous solicitors failed to progress the case.

Sarah* was driving to work outside Newport in Wales when a driver attempted to overtake several cars on the wrong side of the road and crashed into Sarah's car front on. The driver was later convicted of causing serious injury by dangerous driving and sentenced to 10 months in prison. The defendant insurer subsequently admitted liability.

Sarah suffered severe orthopaedic, including fractures of her ankle, wrist, ribs and collarbone, a punctured groin, head and lung injury and also severe psychological injury that has resulted in PTSD and depression.

After 10 days in hospital, Sarah was discharged home in a wheelchair with very limited mobility. She was forced to live and sleep in the downstairs of her house only, meaning a bathroom had to be adapted for her downstairs. She frequently wakes screaming during the night and lives with constant pain and the prospect of further surgery. Some weeks later she underwent reconstruction surgery on her wrist and a bone graft on her collarbone. She then developed sepsis as the result of post-surgery infection which caused serious psychological issues including paranoia and delirium.

Not surprisingly, Sarah has been unable to return to work and is unlikely to be able to resume her very successful career as a barrister. Her and her husband faced serious financial difficulties as a consequence. Despite Sarah's obvious difficulties, her original solicitor failed to pursue interim funds to help Sarah.

Until Jennifer took over the case, Sarah had not received specialist rehabilitation, something we consider critical in personal injury case such as these.

Sarah then instructed Jennifer who immediately met with and worked collaboratively with the insurer to access much-needed interim funds while the full value of her claim and the impact of her injuries were assessed.

* name has been changed

“At the time I instructed Jenny, things were desperate. My previous solicitor had been almost wholly inactive. Jenny made a considerable effort to visit my home to see me.

"She took over my case and thank goodness she did. Within just over a year she secured a settlement that will ensure that I am able to live my life comfortably and access any ongoing treatment necessary.

"She is more than just a solicitor. She embedded herself in my case and it seemed as important to her as it was to my family and me.

"She is extremely supportive and immensely kind. Nothing is too much trouble. Her legal knowledge is impressive and her application of the law to my particular case was faultless.

"My family and I can never ever thank her enough and would wholeheartedly recommend her to others in an equally difficult position."


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