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Case Study

Compensation after a delay in diagnosing appendicitis

Mark Bowman was instructed by Brenda following the birth of her second child on 25 August 2012. During the afternoon of 28 August 2012 Brenda started to feel unwell.

During the night Brenda had disrupted sleep, felt sweaty, feverish and unwell. On the morning of 29 August 2012 she felt extremely ill, and developed pain in the right side of her abdomen. During the afternoon of 29 August 2012 she went to see her GP. 

Brenda explained to her symptoms and the GP agreed that they were consistent with appendicitis but she would be very unlucky to be suffering with such a condition so soon after giving birth. He could not provide an alternative diagnosis, but advised Brenda to come back if the symptoms worsened. Overnight Brenda did feel worse and attempted to arrange an out of hours appointment but this was ultimately not possible. On 31 August Brenda returned to her GP surgery where she was seen by a second GP. 

Brenda explained she was in severe pain in the right side of her abdomen and that the pain was now radiating up to her ribs and around her back, that she also felt nauseous and extremely dehydrated, feverish, tired and generally unwell. The GP diagnosed Brenda with a muscular strain. On 2 September 2012, feeling still worse, Brenda referred herself to the John Radcliffe Hospital where she was eventually diagnosed with a perforated appendix. 

Brenda required numerous surgical procedures on 03 September, 08 September, 12 September and 01 December to remove the infection and repair the damage caused by the perforated appendix which the treating surgeon comment was one of the worst he had ever seen.

On Brenda's behalf we alleged that both GP's should have diagnosed her with appendicitis and referred her to hospital for further management which would have ensured she was immediately treated prior to her appendix bursting and therefore meaning she would have only required one operation to repair the damage and therefore a much shorter period of convalescence. 

As it was, Brenda was unable to look after her new born baby or her young toddler due to her condition and she required a significant period away from work resulting in a loss of earnings. Following service of proceedings we were able to secure a settlement for Brenda against both GP's.


Brenda went on to say:

"After going through a traumatic illness with a young family; I was initially nervous starting legal proceeding. However, we have been fully supported and guided through the whole process by Mark Bowman and his team, who have been positive and professional throughout and made it a stress- free experience. I am delighted by the positive outcome of the case and I feel we now have closure on a very traumatic period of time."

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