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Settlement for electrician exposed to asbestos working on industrial boilers

Shaheen Mosquera secured settlement for an electrician exposed to asbestos while working for G N Haden & Sons Ltd.

KP joined the plumbing and heating firm as an apprentice in the late 1960s. The work included installing new industrial boilers and upgrading existing boilers.

KP worked in boiler houses where pipework was covered with asbestos lagging. As an apprentice, he helped pipefitters remove lagging and described lagging in poor condition and visible dust in the air. 

Once he completed his apprenticeship in 1975, he stopped working directly with lagging but continued to work in boiler houses in an environment where lagging was being removed. He also worked with asbestos shields in industrial fuse boards and worked with storage heaters fitted with asbestos sheets.

KP developed diffuse pleural thickening as a result of his asbestos exposure. He suffered fluid build-up on the lungs which had to be drained multiple times. In April 2017, he underwent a VATs procedure with talc pleurodesis and later a further operation involving a thoracotomy and lung decortication. Unfortunately, there was a complication with KP's second surgery and he had a prolonged and difficult recovery, suffering pain, fatigue and markedly reduced mobility. KP needed frequent care from his wife who was a qualified nurse.

Shaheen took a detailed statement from KP and his wife and claimed for the additional suffering and loss as a result of the surgical complication and prolonged recovery. Court proceedings were issued, after which liability was admitted by Hadens. Shaheen then negotiated a settlement on a provisional damages basis, taking into account the surgical complications and suffering.

The provisional settlement allows KP: to bring a further claim if he develops other asbestos related illnesses including asbestosis, asbestos-related lung cancer and mesothelioma.

Mr and Mrs KP said: 

"Shaheen we would like to thank you for all the work and time you put into the case. You were always very approachable and explained everything very well."

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