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Case Study

Settlement for electrician exposed to asbestos

Dushal Mehta recovered compensation in a mesothelioma claim for an electrician who was exposed to asbestos by two former employers. Dushal settled the claim within four months on a no win, no fee basis.

Patrick Megran worked with asbestos as an electrician and charge hand for the Central Electricity Generating Board at West Thurrock Power station between 1963 and 1968.

Patrick was also exposed to asbestos whilst he worked for William Press converting household appliances to natural gas between 1969 and 1974.

Whilst working at the power station Patrick would often be asked to erect temporary lighting systems so that laggers could lag pipework. He was given a mask to wear when he worked in the coal mills but was not advised of the dangers of working with asbestos and not advised to wear a mask.

During the shutdowns at the power station in the summer months he would have to erect lighting systems inside the boilers which meant that he would be spending days inside the boiler whilst other work was being carried out around him.

During his time at William Press he worked on a variety of domestic appliances including central heating systems, boilers, cookers and water heaters. Many of these appliances contained asbestos including the flue pipes and gaskets.

Many years later Patrick was diagnosed with mesothelioma. His granddaughter, Jo Smith, contacted Dushal Mehta to pursue a mesothelioma claim for her grandfather.

Patrick had kept his old diaries from the time that he worked for William Press and the Electricity Board. These identified the types of jobs that he carried out during his time with these companies and which jobs exposed him to asbestos.

Dushal secured an interim payment for Patrick and settled his claim within 4 months. Patrick was awarded £95,000 and the claim was pursued on a no win no fee basis, which meant that Patrick kept all of his compensation.

Patrick was pleased the claim was concluded so swiftly so that he could continue with his life and enjoy time with his family.

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