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Case Study

New mother burnt during C-section at Northwick Park Hospital

Deborah Nadel settled a clinical negligence claim for a new mother who suffered a diathermy burn while undergoing a caesarean section at Northwick Park Hospital.

The mother gave birth to her daughter via caesarean section during which she suffered a diathermy burn to her thigh, caused by equipment used during the procedure. She was left with an unsightly burn on her thigh at a time that should have been joyful, rather than distressing and painful.

The mother underwent conservative treatment at Northwick Park Hospital before having surgery to excise the burn at another hospital.

The burn has left the mother feeling very self-conscious of its appearance. It also affected her ability to enjoy the birth of her daughter.

The mother complained to the Trust about what had happened but they dismissed her concerns, so she instructed Fieldfisher to investigate and obtain compensation for her. 

Deborah prepared a detailed Letter of Claim inviting the Trust to admit liability at this early stage. The Trust admitted that the treatment the mother received during her caesarean section fell below the standard of reasonable competent practice.

Following their admission, the Defendant offered an apology and offered to pay compensation to the mother. The mother accepted this offer and can now enjoy spending time with daughter and focusing on recovering from her injury.

Following settlement, the mother said:

"I had a great experience with Fieldfisher. Deborah and her team helped me throughout my medical negligence claim. It was very easy and very quickly my claim was solved with the help of Fieldfisher."

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