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Case Study

Multi-million pound settlement for child with cerebral palsy following negligence at Blackpool Victoria Hospital

Jenny Urwin settled a claim for the equivalent of £15m following negligent medical treatment at the time of the claimant's birth at Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

While the claimant's mother was in labour, staff at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust failed to react to the electronic fetal heart monitoring (CTG trace), which had picked up abnormalities in the baby's heart rate.

There was therefore a significant delay in delivering the claimant, which resulted in the baby suffering brain injury due to lack of oxygen. The child now has severe quadriplegic cerebral palsy with developmental delay and epilepsy and require supplementary feeding via  gastrostomy. Their life expectancy has been significantly curtailed as a result.

The child requires around the clock care, specialist equipment together with speech therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy. The claimant is a bright young child with a fantastic sense of humour and is able to communicate well using an eye gaze device.

The defendant Trust admitted its negligence had caused the child's injury. Jenny was able to secure interim payments on account of damages so that care, therapies, aids and equipment and alternative housing could be provided while the claim was fully valued and brought to a successful conclusion.

The claimant can now be provided with permanent alternative adapted accommodation and life-long care and support.

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