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Damages for cyclist's widow following fatal collision with HGV

Fieldfisher secured substantial compensation for the widow of a cyclist killed in a fatal collision with an HGV. The driver of the HGV collided with the cyclist, Stephen Ferguson, despite the fact that Mr Ferguson was directly in front of his vehicle.

In April 2007, Mr Ferguson, a father of three from Dulwich in South East London was cycling to work when he approached a set of traffic lights on red. Passing a stationary HGV, he positioned himself in front of it, ready to cycle off when the lights went green.

The driver, whose HGV was missing a nearside mirror, failed to see Mr Ferguson in front of his vehicle and when the lights changed, moved off, driving over Mr Ferguson and his bicycle, killing him instantly.

Mr Ferguson's widow Emma instructed Fieldfisher's personal injury partner, Jill Greenfield and associate, Mark Bowman to represent her in a claim against Hendricks Lovell Limited, the haulage company which employed the driver of the HGV.

Hendricks denied causing the road traffic accident but during investigations it was established that the driver had his radio on, had an open newspaper on the passenger seat and was missing one of his mirrors. Hendricks finally agreed to pay substantial financial compensation to Emma Ferguson and her three young children, now aged six, four and one.

After the case Emma said:

"Thank you so much for all your amazing work. You have made a real difference to the children's' future and I am and I know Stephen would be, very grateful to you all"

Mark Bowman said:

"This was a tragic case highlighting the danger that HGVs pose to cyclists on London's roads. Had the HGV been fitted with a mirror so as to eliminate its front blind spot this tragedy may have been averted. More needs to be done to ensure that cycling is a safe and viable means of travel in London and to ensure that accidents such as this are reduced in the future."

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