Open RAN and 5G: Deployment Options and Key Issues for Operators | Fieldfisher
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Operators currently face a dilemma with 5G business cases: deployments require significant capital investment and the rates of return are uncertain.  RAN costs, the largest element of network costs, are forcing operators to rethink deployment plans and to evaluate options such as Open RAN.

Open RAN, involving the disaggregation and innovation in RAN technologies based on vendor-neutral hardware, open interfaces and software solutions, has the potential to offer operators a wider choice when upgrading their networks. 

In this session, hosted by Paul Graham and James Walsh, we explore the key issues with Open RAN solutions including:
  • What are the barriers to adoption of Open RAN technology?
  • How quickly will operators adopt this technology?
  • What are the deployment options?
  • What network security questions do operators and vendors need to face?