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With new platforms based on HTS, constellations and software defined payloads, all supported by a virtualised ground segment, the shape of the satcoms world is changing more rapidly than ever. In striving to meet the expected customer demand for ever greater bandwidth, new and established operators are looking at how to deliver the services efficiently and profitably. All this, against the backdrop of increased demand for spectrum from terrestrial operators. So there are major questions to be addressed, such as:

  • How will the new services deliver improved quality of service at suitable price points?
  • How will LEO/MEO/HEO constellations affect the world of GEO operators?
  • How will 5G affect the satcoms world?
  • How will the new generation of ground services affect the delivery of satellite connectivity?

In the latest in our series of Fieldfisher space business webinars, we are delighted to be joined by a distinguished panel of experts from across the sector to debate these and other key issues:

  • Rhys Morgan, Regional Vice President, Europe, Middle East, and North Africa, Intelsat
  • Kjell-Ove Skare, Program Director, Space Norway
  • Chris McIntosh, CEO, Methera Global Communications
  • Andrew Davies, President, Stellar Solutions Aerospace

Chair: John Worthy, partner, head of Satellite and Space Projects, Fieldfisher

This "invitation only" event will offer a fascinating and informative debate. Please reserve your place for this webinar...