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The pace of change in business places a heavy burden on in-house legal teams. Unforeseen legislative and regulatory changes can place additional pressures on an already lean legal team. In addition, illness or other planned long term staff absences require flexible and capable interim solutions.

Fieldfisher formed CondorFlight to help companies deal with these fluctuations in legal staffing requirements.

Recent Success Stories

Challenge: A large American investment bank needed maternity leave cover for a key member of their team. They needed a skilled replacement at short notice.

Solution: One of our CondorFlight lawyers had already been working on Fieldfisher engagements for this client, and as such, was already familiar with the client's business and processes. The client was delighted with the speed and ease of finding cover who could hit the ground running.

Challenge: A regulatory client had their interim procurement manager leave early in 2020 and needed to fill the resource gap at very short notice. To further complicate matters, they only wanted 10 days' cover over a period of two months.

Solution: Our team knew someone with the exact skillset required. As a former Fieldfisher consultant, the consultant took on the role. Having demonstrated their knowledge and capability to the client, the client increased the consultant's number of days and the consultant is now working full time for the client.