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Graduate Legal Professional Scheme

Fieldfisher's unique Graduate Legal Professional Scheme is returning for 2024!

Application process

People are our most important asset so we have developed a rigorous recruitment process to ensure we are selecting the applicants who will succeed at Fieldfisher.  Our application process is made up of:

  • Online application form and CV submission
  • Telephone interview
  • Assessment centre made up of a group exercise, in tray exercise and interview


Applications are now open!

Apply today!

My time on the Graduate Legal Professional Scheme at the Belfast office has been extremely enjoyable and beneficial! I have gained a valuable insight into the working practices of a large international law firm and have felt extremely valued as a member of a close-knit team, working on complex legal matters. The structure of the program, offering graduates two six-month long seat rotations, provides the participant with the opportunity to equip themselves with knowledge of various practice areas and the opportunity to develop legal work experience. A definite highlight is having a cohort of five other graduates taking part alongside me, meaning there is always a support network available from people in the same position and the opportunity to create long-lasting friendships. I have thoroughly enjoyed my studies with the University of Law, finding it provides a perfect working/educational balance for a graduate adjusting to professional life. As part of my seat in the Regulatory department I have worked as part of an integral team on a significant public inquiry, aiding various legal undertakings i.e., the coding of documents for disclosure, deduplication of document databases, assisting in counsel search requests, completing bespoke investigatory tasks and assisting senior members of team with project management. Overall, I believe the scheme thus far has significantly enhanced my legal skills, which will prove invaluable going forward as I progress into my second seat of Clinical Negligence, and indeed my further legal career.

Graduate Legal Professional

Lily Rose Conway

The Graduate Legal Professional Scheme was an incredible opportunity to dive into the world of law and learn the practical workings of the sector alongside a range of qualified professionals. My time in the Intellectual Property department, and continuing work in the Cross Area Specialist Team, provides the opportunity to take on a range of tasks from legal research to drafting documents, every task adding to my skill set that was founded at university. The support from colleagues and the mentors made this an opportunity to learn, make mistakes and be shown effectively how to learn and develop within the role. The Graduate Legal Professional Scheme has opened the door to my legal career and has allowed me to work alongside a supportive team in an exciting workplace!

Graduate Legal Professional

Andrew Kennedy