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Just for Kids Law

Just for Kids Law provides legal advice and representation to children. In September 2019, the firm launched a school exclusions clinic in our Manchester and Birmingham offices. Children from Black Caribbean backgrounds are three times more likely to be excluded from school, and disabled children needs are six times more likely to face exclusion. Outside of London, there are no advice agencies that provide support to families whose children are facing exclusion. In order to help fill the gap in support, Fieldfisher is representing families in Manchester and Birmingham.

We are delighted to take this exciting first step in expanding our unique legal services for children excluded from school beyond London. These children often end up struggling to access the education they need to progress in their lives, with too many falling prey to criminal exploitation and getting funnelled into a life of crime. It is vital that all families have access to the legal advice and representation they need to ensure their voices are heard and their rights respected in appeal hearings. We are delighted to be working in partnership with Fieldfisher enabling us to support children and their families in Birmingham and Manchester.

Founder and Legal Director at Just for Kids Law

Aika Stephenson