Andreas Ameed Fadoul | Fieldfisher
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I have developed and acquired expertise in various sectors including EU competition, environment, trade, and human rights law, as well as EU legal affairs, regulatory affairs, and policy matters.

I have been working in the legal industry for over 6 years, and I have gained a deep understanding of the legal landscape. My primary focus is to provide the highest quality support to fee-earning lawyers. I manage the knowledge function of the EU practice and lead the learning and development of the practice group. I provide technical expertise and experience to fee-earners to help enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their work. This includes helping fee-earners to problem-solve on complex legal matters within frontier areas, aiding fee-earning lawyers to stay up-to-date with legal developments, helping to assess risk on fee-earning matters, providing training for fee-earning lawyers at all levels, and creating externally facing knowledge products such as legal articles, client briefs, workshops, and training to support business development. Additionally, I work and advise on client matters.

As a legal professional, I dedicate some of my time and expertise to pro bono work.

I am a member of the Brussels Bar (B List) and Syrian Bar.

I am fluent in Arabic, English, Greek , and have good command of French and Dutch.

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