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Technology leads the way and the future of prosthetics looks bright

Mark Bowman
It is amazing how technology is advancing and changing the quality of life for people who either struggle to walk through illness, or have lost their limbs. I congratulate Mr Simpson on his new freedom and the scientists and engineers who have developed such an amazing piece of technology.

As a lawyer who specialises in personal injury claims involving amputees, I have developed a passion for technological advancements and how the latest equipment can make everyday life that we take for granted, easier for those who find it most difficult.

At Fieldfisher I have adapted my litigation practice to ensure so my clients can get the best form of treatment, whether that be the pioneering osseointegration surgery that we have sourced for our clients or the advanced prosthetics we specialise in securing. Unfortunately I often find that the best solutions are the most unavailable in the UK, and therefore those without specialist representation, are unable to secure the aids and equipment they really need.

Today, seeing someone like Mr Simpson in the UK benefiting from breakthroughs in technology and the support that is available with it, is fantastic news, and I hope others in the UK can soon benefit from the same or similar products.