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Partner Andrew Morgan delivers innovative new litigation calculator for iPad

Personal Injury Partner, Andrew Morgan, has developed an innovative app for the iPad that can be used by solicitors, barristers and Judges and expert witnesses in the calculation of past and future financial losses. The app calculates interest on past losses and uprates awards of general damages and financial losses to take account of inflation and relevant cases, such as Heil v Rankin and Simmons v Castle.

Click here to visit the official Apple page.

This new app automates many of the calculations involved in working out dates or manipulating the Ogden Tables to produce figures quickly and easily. RPI CPI and other key indices are updated automatically in the background when the device is online. The app is specifically designed to be used when offline, perhaps at court or when travelling by train.

Partner Andrew Morgan, creator of the App went on to say:

"Many personal injury lawyers spend inordinate amounts of time performing simple calculations, using calculators, pen and paper, or specialist PC software. I am always looking for ways to make our professional lives easier and I thought there must be a simple robust mobile solution to some of these problems. I couldn't find an application that suited my needs so I built one…"

MORGAN'S LITIGATION APP is currently available on the Apple APP Store, freely downloadable in both free and subscription based versions.

Click here to visit the official page.