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Mesothelioma UK: Team Fieldfisher Catching Collier challenge


In yet another entertaining, and determined, fundraising initiative as part of Mesothelioma UK's Move for Meso, Peter Williams, Andrew Morgan, Dushal Mehta and Shaheen Mosquera have somewhat optimistically risen to the challenge of out-running the sixth member of Fieldfisher's mesothelioma team, Bridget Collier.

The challenge involves the five 'novices' outrunning Bridget by each clocking up their individual runs until the end of July. Bridget is well-known at the firm as an impressive ultra-distance runner – described by some as 'unstoppable' - so what could possibly go wrong?

Please donate if you can on the fund-raising page.

Head of asbestos claims Peter Williams announced recently that he was delighted that Fieldfisher was appointed onto the inaugural Mesothelioma UK legal panel to support and raise awareness of the charity.