Mesothelioma UK's Ladies Lunch 2020 | Fieldfisher
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Mesothelioma UK's Ladies Lunch 2020

Bridget Collier and Shaheen Mosqueera from Fieldfisher enjoyed Mesothelioma UK's Ladies Lunch celebrating International Women's day at the Manchester Macdonald Hotel on 6th March 2020. This is the second time it has been held and an enjoyable way to take some time out to think of the wider scope of those affected by mesothelioma.

There was lively conversation around our table with our guests including representatives from Greater Manchester and Readley Asbestos Victim Support Groups, Anne Moylan Mesothelioma UK nurse and clients. Speakers talked about Mesothelioma UK's GEMS study and the Glynnis Gale Foundation. The Foundation was set up to support the forgotten victims of this terrible disease, particularly in South Africa, and they have raised funds to provide support to areas where so many suffer without access to hospital care.

Mesothelioma UK support the NHS and provide considerable support to their services with their nurses. They also raise funds and drive research into treatment and care to ensure the UK provides a better service to those with this disease.