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Behind closed doors: Catastrophic Injury

BBC Radio 4 are airing a play today at 2.15pm about a woman fighting for compensation from an NHS Hospital, claiming that because of negligence by the midwife during childbirth her baby was born with Cerebral Palsy. It is vital that the mother gets compensation as it would allow her to get the best possible care for her son. The play is set in court from the perspective of a London Barrister, representing the defendant hospital.  This is the third and final instalment of the Behind Closed Doors series of legal dramas, following the fictional London barrister. Writer Clara Glynn consulted us to give the claimant's perspective.

You can hear the show on Radio 4 from 2.15pm or you can listen to it online here

Sam Critchley, partner in the clinical negligence team at Fieldfisher, says: "Clara contacted us and I was happy to help explain why our client's embark on the difficult course of litigation.  None of our clients want to bring these cases – they feel like they have no other choice.  The children and adults we act for have suffered life-long catastrophic injury through no fault of their own; it is all too often the case that there is just no adequate support through NHS health or social care provision to ensure they get the care, therapies, rehabilitation and housing that they need.  No financial award can ever compensate for what has been lost, but we do the best we can to secure the best possible outcome for our clients and support them through the process.  I look forward to listening to what is bound to be a thought provoking drama."