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10-year relationship with HASAG results in £50m damages for clients referred by charity

The Industrial Disease team recently exceeded the £50m mark in damages recovered for clients suffering from mesothelioma who were referred to Fieldfisher from the asbestos disease charity HASAG.

Fieldfisher marks a 10-year working relationship with HASAG which recommends people diagnosed with asbestos disease contact a specialist lawyer for advice. Clients also come to Fieldfisher via word of mouth, personal recommendation, through internet search and directly from hospitals. 

Members of the team also give their time to fundraise for HASAG, including the recent Thames Bridges walk and the Kili Challenge.

People diagnosed with mesothelioma often turn to the charity for advice and support. Once they instruct Fieldfisher, we pursue negligence claims against former employers who failed to protect them from exposure to fatal asbestos dust. The team recently celebrated 40 years of pursuing asbestos disease claims.

Traditionally, the majority of clients tended to be ship builders, dockers, heating engineers, laggers and carpenters but more recently, teachers and medical professionals have been falling ill following exposure to asbestos in old school buildings and hospitals. 

There is currently no cure for mesothelioma and much of the funds raised in charity events go towards research.

Read more about our asbestos claims and hear from our clients.

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