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Case Study

Surgical error and bowel perforation claim against St George's University NHS Foundation Trust

Sevim Ahmet has successfully obtained interim payments of more than £200,000 for the care and rehabilitation of a client whose bowel was perforated during surgery at St Georges University Hospital.

Our client was admitted to hospital for a subtotal abdominal hysterectomy. She believed the consultant gynaecologist would be performing the surgery due to her complex gynaecological history and previous surgeries. However, more junior doctors in fact performed the surgery and the consultant gynaecologist was not present.

Following surgery, our client complained of epigastric pain and was vomiting. Three days later, she had also still not passed flatus, she had difficulty breathing and coughed yellow phlegm.  A CT scan was performed and it was reported there was no evidence of bowel perforation.

On day four after surgery, the Claimant continued to deteriorate and a general and colorectal surgeon performed a laparotomy and Hartmann’s procedure. Opening the abdomen, there was faecal matter and a 2cm linear cut in the sigmoid.

Post-operatively, the Claimant developed sepsis secondary to faecal peritonitis and abscess. She remained in hospital for several months. Upon discharge, she had limited mobility and used a wheelchair. 

The Claimant suffered a number of injuries, including hearing loss in her left ear, vestibular problems, migraines, reduced mobility, pain, functional neurological disorder, stoma bag, post-traumatic stress disorder and cognitive problems. She could not continue working.

Liability was resolved and court proceedings issued. The Defendant admitted that there should have been a consultant gynaecologist present during the surgery and had this occurred, the bowel perforation would have been identified and repaired during the procedure. The Claimant would have avoided the sepsis, pelvic peritonitis, Hartmann’s procedure, hearing loss and mobility issues.

Sevim is now quantifying the claim.

The claimant said:

"Sevim has been a breath of fresh air to me… and has always been very supportive.

"She’s generous with her time and presents her ideas in a very clear manner. She discusses reports and findings with me that are relevant to my case. She’s prompt in sending and responding to emails."

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