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Case Study

Settlement in cardiac negligence claim following death of patient

Paul McNeil recovered compensation from Bromley Hospital in a cardiac negligence claim for Christopher's family. Christopher died after developing pneumonia following a heart attack.

Christopher had a history of chronic pain syndrome and had recently been discharged by from psychiatric unit where he had been treated for painkilling drug dependency.

Christopher presented to accident and emergency at Bromley Hospital complaining of pain in both arms. In view of his history, he was referred back to the psychiatric unit, where he was admitted, and was noted to be suffering with bilateral arm pain and chest pain.

Following psychiatric assessment, it was concluded that he was not suffering from a psychotic episode and that he should be returned to the Bromley Hospital for further investigation.

Nevertheless, he was retained in the psychiatric unit, where his condition slowly deteriorated. He was discharged 10 days later.

Just two days after this, he was re-admitted to the Bromley Hospital suffering from pneumonia as a complication of a myocardial infarction suffered approximately 12 days earlier. Sadly, Christopher died.

A settlement of £10,000 plus costs was agreed and approved by the court.