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Case Study

Iona Meeres-Young recovers £350,000 in tragic cervical cancer case

Fieldfisher have succeeded in Ms A's medical negligence claim against the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital for their failure to report abnormalities on her cervical smear taken on 27 January 2012. As a result there was a delay in diagnosing cervical cancer between February 2012 and April 2013.

Following eventual diagnosis in April 2013, Ms A underwent intensive treatment including two courses of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and brachytherapy. But for the delay in diagnosis Ms A would have undergone much less intensive treatment and would have been cured of her cancer completely.

Despite her intensive treatment, her cancer relapsed and tragically is now terminal. Expert evidence indicated she has a 5-10% chance of a 5 year survival; with very limited life expectancy of about 16.5 months.

Ms A instructed Iona Meeres-Young to pursue a claim against Norfolk and Norwich Hospital in April 2015.  Iona obtained expert evidence in cytology, gynaecological oncology and psychiatry before presenting Ms A's case to the Trust.  Following service of proceedings, liability was admitted and Ms A received an interim payment to ease her financial strain.  By this stage she had stopped work through ill-health.

Iona achieved compensation for Ms A within 12 months of being instructed.  A speedy settlement was hugely important to Ms A as she has no dependent family and wanted to enjoy her compensation while she is still able to do so.  The money ensures that she has access to the best palliative and supportive care for symptom control. She is also able to move into suitable accommodation which will prolong her independence.

Ms A's case settled for £350,000.00.

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