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Case Study

Husband recovers damages for fatal delay in diagnosis of carcinoma at Pinderfields Hospital

Iona Meeres-Young was instructed by SH when she was diagnosed with late stage carcinoma of her sigmoid colon. Her GP had referred her to a consultant gastroenterologist (GE) at Pinderfields Hospital, Wakefield, with unexplained abdominal pain. In May 2014, the GE surgeon diagnosed haemorrhoids and discharged her with advice to take laxatives.

She continued to suffer abdominal pain and, in January 2015, a CT scan revealed a large primary tumour in her colon with nodal metastases. She died in October 2015 from metastatic bowel cancer.

We continued to act for her husband on behalf of her Estate. We established that there was a negligent failure to perform a flexible sigmoidoscopy in May 2014 that would  have revealed the tumour. We recovered damages for her pain and suffering and the loss of services to her family.

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