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Hillingdon Hospital pay compensation after causing injuries to mother during childbirth

We have secured compensation for Lucy after she suffered serious injuries whilst giving birth to her son at Hillingdon Hospital on 12 August 2012.

Henry's mother, Lucy, attended Hillingdon Hospital on 09 August 2012 for a routine ante-natal appointment. Due to concerns about a lack of fetal growth she was admitted for induction of labour. A pessary was inserted later that day but had little effect and therefore on 11 August 2012, with Lucy still only 2cm dilated, she was transferred to the labour ward for artificial rupture of her membranes and use of syntocinon to try and speed up the labour process. During the course of the following day, Lucy was left alone without any support or care from the midwifery team. During this time she started to contract more and more regularly, and more worryingly, the CTG trace which helps determine the health of the baby, showed reduced variability for a sustained period of time, a sign that the baby might be in distress and that urgent delivery is required. In spite of this, on further reviews by the midwifery team, no action was taken and it was not until she was reviewed by a doctor at 21:30 on 12 August 2012 that an urgent plan for a Caesarean Section was finally made.

Following the Caesarean Section Lucy suffered a massive haemorrhage, losing a huge amount of blood. After the birth of her son, due to the amount of pain Lucy was in, she required a general anaesthetic. On coming round from the anaesthetic Lucy was still in a huge amount of pain in and around the left side of her stomach. A scan was performed which revealed she had suffered a ureteric injury. Lucy required a nephrostomy tube. A stent was attempted but failed. Further scans were performed over the next few days and a temporary stent was put in place, which remained until 04 March 2013, meaning Lucy was discharged from hospital with the stent in place and unable to care for her new-born baby who himself was badly injured as a result of the circumstances of his birth.

Lucy had blood in her urine for a number for weeks, pain when urinating and developed urinary urgency, having to go to the toilet without warning. A permanent stent was placed on 04 March 2013 as Lucy underwent a further procedure under general anaesthetic. Unfortunately the stent blocked, and whilst on holiday in China, Lucy had to undergo further emergency surgery to have the stent removed and a further stent placed under spinal anaesthetic. Finally on 17 February 2014 this stent was removed.

As a result of the circumstances of her son's delivery, not only did Lucy suffer extreme physical pain but also psychological distress. Proceedings were served against Hillingdon Hospital and supportive medical reports obtained from experts in urogynaecology and psychiatry. Lucy's claim settled for £75,000, which reflected the amount of pain she suffered, her loss of earnings and also her need for a Caesarean Section in the future should she have further children.

At the end of the claim, Lucy commented:

"From start to finish we have been given very thorough advice and assessments to ensure a legitimate claim was put through, the amount of hard work and efforts put in by Mark and his team have enabled us to gain a well-deserved settlement."

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