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Case Study

GMB bus manager forced to retire early recovers damages

David enjoyed a long career as a fitter with Greater Manchester Buses and First Manchester between 1969 and 2004.

Beginning as an apprentice, David learnt his trade maintaining, servicing and repairing the buses by moving around the various garages and depots and worked his way up to manager. Following a heart by-pass operation in 2015, David returned to work but ongoing breathlessness led to further investigation and the diagnosis of diffuse pleural thickening.

He was forced to take early retirement from a job he enjoyed, impacting his enjoyment of life and his financial security. Sadly, plans for he and his wife to tour with their caravan had to be put on hold.

David had worked during extensive change in the deregulation of bus companies, making it essential to identify the correct entity against whom to claim on his behalf. Proceedings were issued and the defendants fought liability, arguing to produce their own witness and expert evidence which delayed any negotiations.

By the date of trial, they had not produced one statement, nor any expert evidence to dispute our case. Their own expert largely agreed with our own.

Despite further delays, the case settled just prior to trial. The final award of £150,000 included lost earnings through forced early retirement and also protection for further compensation should any other asbestos related condition develop.

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