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Case Study

Infertility claim: £65,000 for obsetric negligence following childbirth

Samantha Critchley recovered compensation for Susan in an obstetrics negligence claim. Susan became infertile following a delay in treatment after a Caesarean section.

Following a Caesarean section, Susan began to experience bloating and severe waives of cramp which felt like contractions. She was initially investigated by a midwife and a SHO (Senior House Officer) in obstetrics, but no treatment or investigations were offered. 

Two days after the birth, an abdominal x-ray was performed which showed abnormalities in the colon. 

There was a delay in sending Susan to theatre, by which time she had suffered necrosis in a large part of her bowel (which had to be removed).

Fourteen months later, Susan re-attended her gynaecologist because she had been trying to become pregnant without success. 

It was discovered that the right fallopian tube had been blocked, we alleged, due to the delay in treatment, which had occurred immediately after birth. 

We investigated the claim on Susan’s behalf and we established that there was a delay in diagnosing the necrosis to her bowel. This had caused infertility, amongst other things.

Proceedings were issued but the defendant strenuously denied liability. 

Some time later breach of duty was admitted and, following lengthy negotiations, Susan accepted the sum of £65,000 and costs. In addition she received a letter of apology.

Samantha Critchley conducted the case on a no win no fee basis.

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