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Case Study

£55,000 for neurosurgery injuries at the Royal National Hospital

We pursued a neurosurgery negligence claim for Lynn who suffered a blood clot in her leg during procedure at the Royal National Hospital. She accepted £55,000 damages for her injury and the pain it caused.

In December 1997, Lynn was diagnosed as having benign intra-cranial hypertension, which causes a build up of pressure in the brain. Her symptoms included headache, dizziness and tinnitus. Lynn underwent an insertion of a (lumbar peritoneal) shunt at the Royal National Hospital to relieve the pressure.

Three months later Lynn was readmitted to the hospital with the same symptoms. The neurosurgeon advised that she could have a lumbar puncture again to relieve the pressure or else her condition could be monitored further. Lynn opted for the lumbar puncture as her headaches continued to get worse.

Lynn then reported that her headaches were worse. A lumbar drain was inserted on the 16 March to monitor pressure.

Following the insertion of the lumbar drain, Lynn suffered leg pain caused by an epidural haematoma due to the fact that a lumbar puncture was performed, while she was being anticoagulated.

A ventriculoperitoneal shunt was inserted and Lynn was discharged home from hospital on 10 June still complaining of pain.

Lynn instructed us to pursue a neurosurgery negligence claim. Proceedings were issued. Shortly after service of proceedings, the action settled in the sum of £55,000.