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Case Study

£300,000 for family following anaesthetist's blunder at Harefield Hospital

We pursued an anaesthetics negligence claim for Ron's family. Ron was left in a coma and never recovered after an anaesthetists blunder during by-pass surgery.

Ron had heart bypass surgery at the world-renowned Harefield Hospital, Middlesex, in November 2006.

During the surgery the anaesthetist turned off his ventilator for almost 15 minutes by mistake. It was supposed to be off for only 2 minutes. As a result Ron’s brain was deprived of oxygen and he lapsed into a coma.

After 11 months in a coma, Ron died in October 2007.

Richard Earle was instructed to pursue a case against the hospital, who quickly admitted that its anaesthetist had caused his brain damage.

A dependency claim was put forward for Ron’s son who struggled to cope without his father’s help at home. In addition, a novel claim utilising the Human Rights Act was included on the basis of Ron’s loss of right to life.

Richard settled the anaesthetics negligence case for £300,000. The claim was funded by legal aid.

When the case settled Richard Earle said:

"I'm absolutely delighted that it was possible to secure a substantial settlement for such a deserving family after their father died in such sad and avoidable circumstances.

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