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Veterinary Council Permits Voluntary Use of the Courtesy Title ‘Doctor’




The Veterinary Council of Ireland has announced that Irish Veterinary Surgeons may use the courtesy title of ‘Doctor’ or ‘Dr’. This follows the announcement by the UK regulatory body, the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons which was made last month permitting their members voluntary use of the courtesy title.

Most international veterinary surgeons are entitled to use the courtesy title of Doctor and this decision not only brings Irish practitioners on an equal professional footing with their international peers, but also with medical and dental professionals.

The Veterinary Council has stressed that the title is only to be used where it does not mislead the public into thinking the practitioner has a medical degree or carries a PhD, if they do not in fact have such a qualification.

The use of the title had been discussed with the Department of Education and the Department of Health, both of whom have found no issues with voluntary use of the courtesy title.

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