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The new approach from the Land Registry

Conor Dunne



It's not unusual that registering a property with the Property Registration Authority (PRA) can be a long and tedious process. With backlogs, queries and rejections slowing down the process of getting a property registered, it can cause huge concern and stress for homeowners.

The current average time for processing a PRA query is 4-5 months which can be frustrating for all parties involved.

The standard approach from the PRA in the past if an application was queried or rejected was to give specific reasons for rejection in a letter to the lodging solicitor.

However, the PRA has recently introduced a new practice of rejecting applications without giving specific reasons.

The Law Society's Conveyancing Committee which provides information and guidance on conveyancing practice and procedure has said that this change was made without any notice to or consultation with the Law Society.

Members of the Law Society's Conveyancing Committee met with the PRA last month to discuss the new approach. However, the PRA have made it clear that this new practice will remain in place for now.  

The new policy will inevitably slow down the registration process in Ireland and contribute further to the backlog.

Despite this, there will not be any change for the time being and the Law Society will issue more guidance as soon as possible.

Written by: Conor Dunne and Eimear Loughnane

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