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PSI Public Consultation on revised Code of Conduct for Pharmacists



The Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland (the “PSI”) has conducted a review of the Code of Conduct for Pharmacists (the “Code”). The existing Code has been in place since 2009. This review involved a consultation process and the preparation of a revised Code. The PSI indicates that the purpose of the review is to ensure that the Code continues to reflect the current environment, the evolving role of pharmacists and a changing health service. What is the Code? The Code is described by the PSI as “a public declaration of the principles and ethical standards which govern pharmacists in the practice of their profession, and which the public, patients, other healthcare professionals and society require and expect from pharmacists as frontline healthcare professionals”. The existing Code sets out six overarching principles which pharmacists are required to uphold. It applies to all registered pharmacists. A breach of the Code can be found to be professional misconduct at a statutory fitness to practise Inquiry. The existing Code can be accessed here. Revised Draft Code The draft revised Code has now been published. The seven Principles of the draft revised Code are as follows
  1. Put the Patient First
  2. Be Professional
  3. Communicate Effectively
  4. Work with Others
  5. Demonstrate Leadership
  6. Maintain Competence
  7. Be Open and Honest
As with the existing Code, pharmacists will be required to comply with the principles of the new Code and apply its principles to their everyday practice. The PSI is currently inviting feedback on this draft revised Code through a public consultation process, which facilitates pharmacists, other stakeholders and members of the public to provide feedback on the revised Code before it is finalised. The public consultation closes on 27 August 2018. The draft revised Code can be accessed here.