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PSI Annual Report Launched - Trust in Profession Remains High  




According to the Annual Report of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland (“PSI”) for 2016, trust in the pharmacy profession in Ireland remains high. The report, which included a survey of 1000 adults, found that 95% trusted their pharmacist. The report also showed that there were 42 formal complaints made to the regulator last year.  While this was an increase on the 27 complaints made in 2015, it falls in line with the average over the past five years. The report indicates that the majority of the complaints made to the PSI throughout the year came from patients and related to dispensing errors and pharmacists’ behaviour and professionalism. The report also details how, in 2016, 247 pharmacy inspections were completed by the Inspection and Enforcement Unit of the PSI. In addition, 2016 saw the introduction of the Pharmacy Assessment System by the PSI, together with several information events for pharmacists in relation to its use and implementation. The report also shows there has been an increase in registered pharmacists practising in the jurisdiction with 370 new pharmacists added to the Register of Pharmacists during the year, an increase of 11% on 2015. The total number of registered pharmacists now stands at 5,908. The number of retail pharmacy businesses is continuing to grow too with 35 new pharmacies registered with the PSI since 2015. The annual report can be accessed here. The PSI Survey Results can be accessed here