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Was your office extra quiet yesterday? - National "Sickie" Day could be the reason




Was your office exceptionally quiet yesterday? It may be because it was “National Sickie Day”, when people are most likely to call in sick to work. Figures have shown each year that the first Monday in February will traditionally experience the highest percentage of absenteeism from work.  Many reasons have been attributed to this trend including the first weekend after “Dry January”, sporting events such as the 6 Nations Championship, the Super Bowl and that it follows the first weekend most people have been paid since Christmas. Employees will often give reasons for not coming into work (some not so plausible). More generally, employers however should always remember good absence management practices. As part of that, employers may need to be mindful about seeking details of an employees’ illness and breaching their right to privacy as we have recently covered in our blog - To ask or not to ask – requesting details of illnesses in sick certificates. National Sickie Day featured in yesterday’s Irish Examiner.