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Medical Council Elects New President

JP McDowell



Today the Medical Council elected a new president Dr Rita Doyle, and vice-president, Dr Anthony Breslin, for its new term. Dr Doyle from Co. Wicklow operates a Family Practice in Bray, and is a past President of the Irish College of General Practitioners. She is the first female, as well as the first full-time GP, to be elected as President of the Medical Council. Dr Anthony Breslin held the position of Vice-president of the Council for the previous term, and has today been re-elected to this post. Dr Breslin is a Specialist in Communicable Diseases and Environmental Health. The Council is composed of 25 members; 12 medical practitioners and 13 non-medical members. Comments from Dr Doyle, Dr Breslin and the Medical Council CEO, Bill Prasifka have been provided via a press release from the Council, available here.