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Tax Litigation

Clients know that tax disputes can be costly and a settlement or solution is quickly needed. Drawing on both our tax and legal professionals, we are in a unique position to help clients when disputes arise to help reach a efficient and cost effective result.

We can advise clients in the following areas: 

Tax litigation:

  • We advise on applications for tax clearance
  • We provide assistance during tax audits 
  • We advise on tax settlement procedures
  • We advise on court settlements
  • We advise on tax lawsuits 
  • We provide tax consultancy and assistance in criminal cases
  • We advise on release from seizure
  • We advise on administrative judgments in tax matters 
  • We can help to secure tax refunds
  • And we assess risks/opportunities in pending cases.

Areas of reference:

  • VAT, customs and duties 
  • Business income and related taxes
  • Permanent establishments
  • Transfer pricing
  • Costs of trading with black-listed parties
  • Taxes on cross-border transactions
  • Double taxation agreements and EU taxes
  • Tax avoidance operations
  • Local and other indirect taxes.