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Insurance and Finance Company Taxation

Insurance and finance companies are aware of the impact of taxation both on how product offerings are structured and on how they manage their own company risk. The specific nature of such highly-regulated sectors also significantly influences operators’ tax decisions and affects tax optimisation opportunities. We work with clients to seek and make the most of those moments.

Our goal is to satisfy all customer needs and requests in fiscal consulting and compliance. 


  • We advise on ordinary taxation and IAS/IFRS
  • We provide estimates of the potential tax burden for reporting purposes
  • We advise on company restructuring operations and taxation of insurance and finance products in general
  • We advise on taxation of pension funds, health insurance funds, special investment funds, not-for-profit organisations
  • We provide tax planning and optimisation of groups and companies
  • We analyse internal tax procedures and their compliance with the laws in force
  • We advise on in the different phases of tax litigation
  • We advise on transfer pricing
  • And we advise on tax audit.


  • We can calculate the tax burden for reporting purposes
  • We draft financial statements
  • And support clients on their annual tax returns.