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Dispute Resolution and Arbitration

We believe that litigation or international arbitration extends beyond dispute resolution between parties; it can serve as a strategic tool to address overarching issues or steer actions that foster the growth or support of our clients. This is why we approach our work with a comprehensive grasp of our client's company dynamics and the objectives of its key stakeholders. Drawing upon our extensive experience, we excel in collaborating with diverse legal professionals across Fieldfisher's various practices. Moreover, we have a Europe-wide network of around 400 litigators, each specialising in distinct practices.

Thanks to our collaboration with other offices across the Fieldfisher network, we have the capacity to operate effectively across twelve jurisdictions. Each of our colleagues is not only locally qualified but also has extensive global experience, stemming from our robust network and collaborative approach. We provide regional insights in navigating complex litigation, arbitration, and regulatory issues, continuously refining our expertise to align with evolving market dynamics and client needs.

Our approach is to solve our clients’ problems as soon and as cost-effectively as possible. We therefore always try to solve problems in dispute that can arise in connection with M&A process, budget approval, shareholders’ agreement, or option contracts, working close contact with the special section of the Italian Court, which are exclusively responsible for corporate issues. 

We can advise on all aspects of insolvency disputes, handling complex and high-profile restructurings and corporate bankruptcies. We assist creditors, debtors, practitioners, or companies facing financial crisis, financial institutions and funds that need to assert or face potential claims, including applications to courts and litigation.

We have vast experience in civil law, specifically in the field of obligations and contracts (goods, finance, guarantee, transport, agency, preliminary contract, leasing). Furthermore, we have a department for debt recovery and execution, as we believe it is important to both obtain a positive result and to let our clients see the results.

Over the years, we have developed considerable experience in reaching settlements and always give our clients the right advice based on their needs.