The retail sector is undergoing a revolution, as many companies – retail giants as well as niche emerging brands – turn their attentions away from the saturated high street towards the opportunities presented by international and multi-channel strategies. Others seize the opportunities presented by the churn – as businesses, people, sites and other assets seek to re-engineer themselves.

London's growth has continued to attract a steady stream of foreign brands who want a flagship or first presence in the city, often looking to use the UK as the springboard into European markets, or anticipating UK expansion.

We support a wide range of domestic and international household-name retailers and have experts in the issues that are crucial to their businesses as they expand into new markets, at home and abroad, and re-engineer themselves in turbulent times.

Our people have a wide range of experience in retail and, as a leading ranked law practice in the sector, provide advice across the full range of issues faced by retailers, their suppliers and investors.

We have offices in Belgium, France and Germany, with lawyers expert in getting new retailers off the ground, and a wealth of relationships with lawyers in other jurisdictions.

As acknowledged leaders in data and technology law, we advise clients at the cutting-edge of developments in areas such as information privacy, security and data mining, mobile money, outsourcing and off-shoring, and the internationalisation of e-commerce platforms.

We are also acknowledged market leaders in both the domestic re-engineering and internationalisation of retail businesses, and the creation and management of multi-channel routes to market, helping clients design and implement the right market entry strategies for global expansion. This, together with our acknowledged leadership in brand management and protection, makes us very well qualified to support you as you compete for your share of the new retail environment.

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