We advise healthcare providers on a wide range of corporate transactions including share sales and assets sales, restructurings, joint ventures, partnerships and other collaborative structures, as they seek to develop new ways of working to enable them to deliver services more efficiently and cost effectively, maximise flexibility and respond rapidly to changes in the market and commissioning requirements.  This has included developing new multi-speciality community structures to deliver the new thinking heralded by the Five Year Forward View and the Vanguard Programme. We also advised extensively on the spin out of community health providers from the NHS into new mutual and employee owned businesses and continue to act for these bodies.

We provide sound commercial advice and practical solutions together with legal expertise to enable clients to structure commercial arrangements which give the participants clear and certain obligations, allowing them to exploit their strengths whilst safeguarding their individual interests.


 Notable deals and highlights

  • NHS spin outs – we have advised on a range of spin outs from the NHS into employee owned businesses including City Health Care Partnership, Central Surrey Health, Bristol Community Health and Bedfordshire Community Dental Services. Our advice focussed on ensuring that the risks of the new spin outs were managed effectively and that the spin outs were vested with appropriate assets and infrastructure to enable them to deliver their commercial objectives.
  • Plymouth Community Healthcare CIC – we recently advised this client on the creation of a new multi-speciality community provider business delivering GP services.  Our advice has helped the client to develop a new commercial model which has enabled it to enhance the services it offers to the community.
  • City Healthcare Partnership CIC – we recently advised this community health provider on the creation of a new multi-speciality community provider business.  This is an exciting development for the client as it seeks to develop more client focused and integrated services.