Bridget Collier, Senior Associate

Bridget Collier, Senior Associate, Fieldfisher

Bridget joined Fieldfisher in May 2017 and heads up our mesothelioma and asbestos claims practice in Manchester. Bridget has over 20 years’ experience in conducting asbestos, industrial disease and employer liability claims.

Bridget has taken a prominent role in asbestos training with the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) and has chaired their asbestos conference for several years. She also represents Claimants and solicitors when sitting on the Diffuse Mesothelioma Payment Scheme Oversight Committee. This is an important scheme paying compensation to mesothelioma victims where the insurers of an employer cannot be found.

Bridget is noted for her excellent client care and understanding of her clients’ needs. This has helped when recovering compensation for unusual items:

  • double funeral costs for one client who had links both in the UK and Thailand
  • costs relating to maintenance of a property off the main electricity grid in rural Spain with considerable land
  • costs for the care of a client’s wife who had dementia where following his diagnosis of mesothelioma he could no longer look after her within their marital home


Some of Bridget's recent cases include:

  • The defendant was an individual and had to be pursued for part of the compensation as well as his insurers
  • The claimant had worked as a civilian on-board naval ships and so avoided the Crown immunity rules
  • Lung cancer had been diagnosed on death and exposure to asbestos had been confirmed only on the post mortem
  • A claim for provisional damages where a shop fitter had been exposed to minimal amounts of asbestos over a period of time with his employer and had a diagnosis of pleural thickening