A Face in the Crowd: Maxillofacial Trauma Conference

A Face in the Crowd: Maxillofacial Trauma Conference
  • date15 Mar 2018
  • Time08:45-16:15
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Dealing with facial disfigurement: Fieldfisher present a unique conference on maxillofacial injuries

Physically recovering from a serious injury following an accident is enough of a process in itself. It demands determination, resilience and often lengthy rehabilitation provided by expert medical care.

Add into the equation any form of facial injury or disfigurement and the challenges increase manifold.

Facial trauma and the psychiatric aftershock are little understood. Facial injuries themselves are often overlooked because of more pressing, associated injuries to the body and internal organs. But research shows that early management can be essential for full recovery, not least in dealing with a patient’s mental anxiety in reaction to how they look and the detrimental impact on their self-confidence.

125,000 young people in the UK sustain facial injuries every year, often in conjunction with other severe problems such as head injuries. The effects can be devastating and many will go on to encounter the huge psychological difficulties that accompany altered body image, not least the trauma of coping with the reaction of family, friends, employers and complete strangers to their changed appearance.

Fieldfisher is very pleased to be running a conference in London on the 15th March to discuss different aspects of maxillofacial injuries including: trauma, reconstructive dentistry, plastics, prosthetics, camouflage makeup, the psychiatric response and conservative management.

Expert speakers will focus on what is available surgically to people, some of whom are our clients, and in ongoing rehabilitation, in areas such as scar management, laser treatment and camouflage. Clinical psychologists will discuss the stigma of facial injury, the psychological morbidity and the role of psychological interventions and therapy.

What we expect to offer delegates at the event is an exciting overview of the advances in this field of medicine and discussions as to how practitioners, legal and medical, can support those coping with dramatic changes to their appearance.

Saving Faces is currently funding the world’s first national facial and oral research centre (NFORC) for facial disease, deformities and injuries.