Coroner and inquests


Coroners and Inquests

The personal injury and medical negligence teams at Field Fisher Waterhouse have acted for the families of those killed in accidents at work, on the roads and railways and as a result of medical negligence.

Perhaps as many as one in three families will be affected in some way by an inquest, we may each have to provide some information or attend as a witness or we might have known someone struck down by tragedy as a colleague, friend or family member. A few of us will sit on the jury at an Inquest that is heard in public.


It is difficult to deal with the loss of a loved one under any circumstance, but when you are faced with an inquest, it is important that you participate effectively in the inquest process with the assistance and guidance of a solicitor, if given the opportunity.

Families are often concerned that there may be underlying factors that have caused or contributed to the death. Our expert solicitors can advise you how these concerns can be addressed; one method being representation at an inquests or investigation. It is important for families to understand what caused the death and, where possible, to call those responsible to account. That is where Fieldfisher come in.


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If you think you, or a member of your family has suffered or has been affected in some way by an inquest, our specialist team of solicitors can help you recover the compensation you or your family deserve, Call us today or start your claim online and we will call you back.


What we do

We will come visit you at your home and make sure your case is investigated thoroughly in a professional manner and guide you through the Inquest process, by representing you when you need it and by claiming compensation where we can. Money is no answer to sudden bereavement but neither is it acceptable for families to suffer the double injustice of financial loss when that can be avoided.

Whatever brings you into contact with the Coroner, as a relative or a witness, I hope this short guide will help you understand when and why an Inquest might be needed, what you might be able to achieve through the Inquest and how we can help you, before during and after the process.


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