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Peter Williams acted for Jennifer Proffitt, the widow of Ronald Proffit in relation to his sad death from mesothelioma.

Roland and Jenny were residents of New Plymouth, New Zealand.  Having grown up in West Yorkshire Roland emigrated there in the 1970s.

Roland ran his own successful business as a Proffittlecturer in the oil industry.  He began to suffer from breathing problems in 2011.

The problems were exacerbated with pain in his chest and fluid build-up in his lungs.  Sadly he continued to suffer from symptoms until he was diagnosed with mesothelioma shortly before he died two years later. 

His Widow, Jenny contacted Peter Williams at Fieldfisher. Her husband had told her that he had worked for Spooner Drier Engineering Company Limited of Ilkley, Yorkshire in the 1960s and early 1970s.  Although he said he believed he was exposed to asbestos with the company he could not give any further details.  Peter was able to trace three witnesses who worked at the same factory and who were able to confirm that asbestos sheets were regularly cut to insulate ovens made at the factory and that no precautions were taken with regards to asbestos exposure.

Peter was able to obtain compensation of £220,000 which included loss of Jenny's dependency on her husband's income from his business and his services around the home. 


Jenny went on to say

"I contacted Peter  Williams after the death of my husband from Mesothelioma. It wasn’t an easy decision  because starting the case can be daunting especially after loosing your husband, but I’m glad I did.

Peter made the whole process very easy and made sure  I understood what was happening and the process we had to go through, which made the whole thing very easy, on this side of the world things can take a lot longer  so I was very surprised and pleased at how quick the case was settled."

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