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Peter Whitehead was exposed to asbestos in his employment with the Central Electricity Generating Board between about 1961 and about 1980.

He developed asbestos-related pleural plaques and made a claim for compensation. He settled his claim in May 2005 for £5,000 on a provisional basis.

Sadly, Mr Whitehead developed mesothelioma in 2009. He was not happy with his original firm of solicitors and instructed Andrew Morgan to advise and to make a claim.

Andrew obtained the full file of papers from the previous solicitors, took over conduct of the original claim at Sheffield County Court and applied for the case to be transferred to the mesothelioma fast track in the High Court in London.

Andrew notified the claim to the employer’s solicitors speedily and obtained a payment on account of £50,000 for Mr Whitehead exactly one month after Mr Whitehead first contacted him.


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