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We recovered compensation for a mesothelioma victim who was exposed to asbestos because she lived near Central Asbestos Limited in London.

Our client, Sheila Wincott was born in May 1936. She lived in South London, near the Central Asbestos Company Ltd. from the age of 16. She lived there for over 8 years and during this time she was exposed to asbestos dust by the company.

Many years later in July 2009, at the age of 73, Sheila developed problems with her chest and two months later was diagnosed as suffering from the asbestos cancer, mesothelioma.

Sheila initially instructed another London-based law firm to conduct her claim. They obtained a statement and undertook some investigations but decided that the claim was too risky for them and declined to offer a "no win – no fee" arrangement. 

Sheila then contacted Andrew Morgan in July 2010.

Andrew visited Sheila at home to take a new statement. He explored the circumstances of her exposure in more detail.  He obtained details of other witnesses, close relatives and friends, who might be able to help.  He made a claim against the company and obtained a medical report.

Central Asbestos Company Ltd. ceased trading many years ago but Andrew was able to identify the insurers and threatened Court proceedings. 

The insurers agreed to enter settlement talks. Shortly before proceedings were due to be issued, the defendant offered to settle the claim for £120,000, near enough to the full value of the claim. Sheila was happy to accept the offer. We were very sad to learn that Sheila died on 17 July 2011.

Speaking about the case, Andrew said:

"Neighbourhood exposure cases can be very difficult, especially where the exposure happened so much earlier than 1965, the date when the dangers of low levels of asbestos became widely known. 

"This case shows that it is possible to obtain substantial compensation even in the most difficult of cases but also shows the importance of choosing expert solicitors."

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