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Mr Parsons was exposed to asbestos between about 1950 and about 1978. As a result of this exposure he developed lung cancer from which he died on 23 June 2004, without having made any statement.

Mr Parsons was exposed when he worked for Anchor Insulations Company Limited, a well known lagging firm, between about 1950 and 1958. He was exposed for a much shorter period with Kitsons, another well known lagging firm. He was then employed by Ford Motor Company Limited.

Mr Parsons’ family had kept Apprenticeship records proving that Mr Parsons started working for Anchor Insulations as a lagger in October 1950. They also found a 1964 letter from Ford Motor Company Limited which confirmed that he worked there as a lagger, and that he had been working as a lagger previously. Another letter in the medical records confirmed that even as late as 1976 Mr Parsons was being exposed to asbestos whilst working at Fords as a lagger.

Using these documents Andrew Morgan was able to prove that Mr Parsons had been exposed to asbestos for more than 25 years. As a result, the Defendants accepted that the asbestos exposure caused the lung cancer even though Mr Parsons had been a smoker. Mrs Parsons accepted a settlement offer of £90,000.

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