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Costello v Newham Borough Council

Peter Williams acted for Mrs June Costello who contracted mesothelioma. June had never worked with asbestos nor had she lived near an asbestos factory.

Her son, Mark, had worked as an apprentice plumber for Newham Borough Council between 1980 and 1985. He recalled working with asbestos by occasionally stripping it from pipe work, taking out bath panels and crawling along spaces which contained asbestos laden pipe work, leaving debris on his overalls. He took his overalls home where his mother shook them outside the back door. She was thereby exposed to the dust.

Peter issued proceedings against Newham Borough Council and obtained witness evidence from Mark’s work colleagues to confirm that asbestos exposure did indeed occur with the Council at this relatively late stage. Despite the fact that June would have been exposed to relatively small amounts of asbestos, proceedings were issued and the case pursued to a speedy trial. The case was settled at full value three days before the hearing. The case was conducted under a “no win, no fee” agreement at no cost to June.

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