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Christopher Robin Clifton (“Robin”) was employed by Randolph Harper Limited from 1961 until about 1988.

Up until the early 1980’s, when Asbestolux was banned, he used to have to saw through Asbestolux sheets as part of his job. As a result he developed mesothelioma in September 2003 and initially instructed local solicitors to make a claim. However, Randolph Harper Ltd had ceased trading and the owner had since passed away. Sadly Mr Clifton died 18 months later, in February 2005, without any insurers having been traced.


Mr Clifton’s partner, Valerie, instructed the same solicitors to pursue the claim on his behalf but they could not continue with the claim, because they could not trace the insurers.


In 2008, more than three years after Mr Clifton died, Valerie instructed Andrew Morgan to take over the claim. He obtained the file of papers from the previous solicitors and reviewed the material that they had obtained.


Amongst those papers Andrew found a document that identified the correct insurers. The previous solicitors had not understood its significance. Andrew issued court proceedings and the case was settled at its full value of £140,000.


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